Managed Graph Databases & Expert help for development

Companies that opt for a DIY approach for their graph database can expect 2 to 3 months for a production-ready implementation. With Graph Story’s managed service, your production-ready database is available within minutes. Learn more about graph use cases as well as see a comparison between self-hosting and using a managed service.

The Graph Database-as-a-Service

Access to Graph Experts

New to graph databases? Need modeling suggestions or one-on-one dev help to improve query performance? Sign up today and get access to the help you need.


We can deploy where your servers already live: AWS, Azure, or Google Compute Engine, in any region. Need VPC peering or IP-restricted access? Just let us know. We're flexible like that.

Scaling to your needs

Building a proof of concept? Fire up a single, enterprise graph instance with a few clicks. Need to move up to a high-availability, production-ready cluster on-demand? We've got you covered!

Graph Story Console

We built graph db management tools so you don't have to! See CPU, Memory and Disk utilization at glance. Get access to configs, logs, backup your database & restore snapshots.

Usage Management

Web-based admin tools to easily start and stop instances, so you only pay for what you use. No upfront fees and no fixed monthly rates!

System Management

Spin up databases in just few minutes to meet new production demands or quickly add testing, performance, and development environments.

Data Management

Need to migrate to larger instance or quickly copy data from one environment to another? Easy export & import with just a few clicks.

World-class Support

We have the best support team in the industry. Graph Story has technical experts and advanced tools to monitor and help optimize your databases for optimal performance. When you talk to us, you talk to real human beings who built the platform.